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Control problems in robotics

Instructor: Marilena Vendittelli
Course web page:
Credits: 6
Infostud code: 1055496


The course presents a selection of advanced topics on the control of robots and robotic systems, and is intended as an introduction to research in the field. Guided through case studies taken from the research activities of the instructors, the student will be able to fully develop a control problem in Robotics, from its analysis to the proposal of solution methods and their implementation.


The course is made of two modules of 3 credits, chosen among the four modules offered each year, two per semester, within the Elective in Robotics course (code 1056414, 12 credits). Modules cover in a seminar fashion a number of research topics. Lectures/seminars are presented by instructors and/or by qualified external researchers. The four modules of the academic year 2018-19, out of which you can choose two, are:

First semester Second semester

Type of exam: Evaluation of a project for a first module and of an oral presentation for the second one.

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Please refer to the web page of the single modules for the teaching materials.