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Dynamics of electrical machines and drives

Instructor: Fabio Giulii Capponi
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Credits: 6
Infostud code: 1041454


The course aims to guide the student in the understanding of the principles of operation of electrical drives and their components. The course provides the tools for analyzing the behavior of an electrical drive at steady state and during transients. The course is completed by some design fundamentals. At the end of the course the student will be able to understand the principle of operation and analyze the behavior of an electrical drive both at steady state and during transients. The acquired knowledge will allow to addressing design and control issues of electrical drives.


1. General introduction on electrical drives. Electrical drives in industrial process; Study of mechanical couplings; Transducers.
2. DC Drives. The operating principle of DC machines; Mechanical and electrical characteristics; Dynamic Model; Analysis of the speed transient; Ward-Leonard group; DC drives with line frequency converters; DC drives with switching converters (full-bridge converter); Regenerative braking; Control schemes for DC drives.
3. Brushless Drives and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). Classification; Brushless DC drives: mathematical model, drive system, control schemes; Coordinate transformations: arbitrary reference system, the rotating vector; Brushless AC drives: mathematical model, control schemes, constant power speed range (field weakening).
4. Induction motor drives. Operating principle of the asynchronous machine; Scalar control: constant V/f control (open loop and closed loop), slip control; Dynamic model of asynchronous machine; Direct and indirect vector control: steady state analysis; Vector control: transient analysis, schemes for indirect controllers, schemes for direct controllers; Direct torque and flux control.

Type of exam: Oral test

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