The Master of Science in Control Engineering typically follows a three-year (or four-year) bachelor degree, such as the B.S.E. in Computer and System Engineering issued at DIAG, Sapienza (available in similar form also in other italian or foreign universities).

Due to its interdisciplinary nature and methodological approach, this master degree course of study is also a perfect fit for a large variety of students having a bachelor degree with technical/scientific background in the areas of information engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics, or physics. To check if and how your educational profile is suited to this course, see the section on admission requirements.

If you're coming from abroad, see also the general information for foreign students.

After obtaining the master degree, students wishing to pursue research activities further may apply to the PhD program in Automatic Control, Bioengineering and Operations Research (Dottorato di Ricerca in Automatica, Bioingegneria e Ricerca Operativa), also available at DIAG.

The organization of studies in Italian public universities is illustrated in the figure below.