A technical interdisciplinary preparation and an open versatile mind are main success factors in the future, increasingly heterogeneous marketplace of ICT and of Automation in general.

With a master degree in Control Engineering you will be able to

  • design advanced automatic control systems for complex processes
  • conduct and supervise industrial, manufacturing and service processes and systems
In particular, automatic control systems may concern
  • energy distribution, communication and transportation networks (smart grids)
  • optimal exploitation of alternative energy
  • automotive, mechatronics, aerospace (embedded systems)
  • monitoring and green control of environmental parameters
  • bio-medical applications
  • robotics
Design and implementation skills on these subjects are requested by manufacturing or service companies, public administration, or in your professional activities.

Use of English in courses, participation of students from around the world, and the mix of italian and foreign cultures are factors that will favor employment in international settings. The methodological approach of the course of study allows also to work in base or applied research (in research centers or in R&D departments of companies) or to continue education toward a technical PhD degree.

Career opportunities for graduated in Control Engineering include work positions at

  • manufacturers of automation systems and components (automatic control systems for machine tools; robotic, automotive, or aerospace systems)
  • end-users of automation products, such as public administration, manufacturers of consumer goods, transportation companies
  • companies that design, control, and operate communication networks (telecom operators, manufacturing companies, etc.), energy distribution networks, or transportation networks
  • universities and research centers in the ICT and Automation areas
  • engineering societes consulting in automation and system integration

Representative professional profiles are

  • design engineer of control systems for energy, communication, or transportation networks
  • supervising engineer of automation plants and processes
  • design engineer of robot, mechatronic, and aerospace control systems
  • control expert in process optimization
  • control expert in bio-medical systems