Plagiarism check of the master thesis. As the only extra step outside infostud related to graduation, the final version of the master thesis should be checked against plagiarism by the advisor before the final exam. The check is done on the pdf file using the software Compilatio. The thesis advisor reports the result and other auxiliary information on the form (here in docx or pdf) for the Student Office of the course of study.

Authorization for external master thesis. This form should be used when the master thesis is to be conducted outside the Sapienza university, in a company, an industry, a research center, or similar. It should be filled in and signed by the student, the academic supervisor, and the on-site supervisor of the hosting organization, and handed out to the DIAG Student Secretariat before the start of the thesis. The form makes reference also to the insurances covering the student activity during the thesis (more information is available on the Sapienza web page on student insurance). A second travel communication form should be filled in and sent to the DIAG Student Secretariat in case of mobility needs of the student to different locations than the one originally declared.

Some Sapienza official forms to be used by students are still available only in Italian, unfortunately. Please contact our Foreign Student Helpdesk for support in the translation and completion of any useful Sapienza form.