The Manifesto of the Master of Science in Control Engineering prescribes only one curriculum, with a limited number of choices to be made.

All students should submit a study plan ("percorso formativo" in Italian) in which they specify (i) which courses have been actually chosen within the optional groups available in the Manifesto, and (ii) which courses of free choice (offered in any program of study at Sapienza) have been selected. For special choices, e.g., when selecting a course offered by a different School, it is suggested to specify also the motivation of the request. In any event, students should follow the rules of the Manifesto of the academic year of their first enrollment.

Study plans are prepared on-line via (Infostud) and should be submitted during a time window that is open in every academic year (for 2020-21, between October 15, 2020 and March 15, 2021). If needed, the study plan can be modified and resubmitted for approval in the following academic year (or also in the same year for serious reasons). Each year, the first submission of a new study plan can be made directly by the student. However, to change again the study plan in the same time window, first a request should be made by mail to the director of the course of study providing the motivations for canceling the previous plan. These motivations have to be included also in the relevant field of the Infostud request form.

Students will be able to sign up in Infostud to the exams of the current academic year only if they have submitted their study plan and received its approval. Approvals of study plans are given by the Course of Study Council or directly by its Director or delegate.