Carlucci Aiello
Professore ordinario
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Degree in Mathematics at the University of Pisa and Diploma of Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, in 1968.  From 1970 till 1981 researcher at IEI (now ISTI) of CNR, Pisa. In the seventies she worked at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Stanford University, directed by J. McCarthy.
     Full Professor since 1981. From 1982 she is at DIS, Sapienza University of Roma. From 1991 she is professor of Artificial Intelligence. She has been chair of the Doctoral Program in "Ingegneria Informatica", and chair of the curriculum in "Ingegneria Informatica". Since 2006 she is the director of DIS.
     Founder and first president of AI*IA, the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence. Program chair for ECAI'90 and KRR'96, trustee of IJCAI from 1995 to 2005, conference chair of IJCAI'99, president of FoLLI in 2004-2005;  in 2002-2003 she has been director of ITC-irst in Trento. She has coordinated several national programs, projects, working groups, and networks of excellence of the  European Union. Expert in evaluation and review committees, and member of several editorial boards.
     In the seventies she worked in automated deduction and the construction of interactive proof checkers, with applications to program verification. At DIS she founded a research group in Artificial Intelligence, she has done research in knowledge representation and automated reasoning. In particular, she investigated on the possibilities offered by an explicit representation of metaknowledge to increase the efficiency of deduction, the expressive power of a system, to provide it with introspection, and to allow for reasoning about  knowledge and reasoning in multi-agent scenarios. She has investigated on the the potential of some modal logics for representing autoepistemic reasoning and for dealing with incomplete (default) knowledge. She applied AI techniques for the construction of intelligent systems and systems that support human learning; she has done research in cognitive robotics and the application of planning techniques to security.


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Fellow of AAAI (1995) and of ECCAI (1999), Donald Walker Award of IJCAI (2009).Doctorate Honoris Causa (2002)  of the School of Technology of the Linköping  University - Sweden.

Research area: 
Intelligenza artificiale e rappresentazione della conoscenza

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