Achieving Process Intelligence

Data dell'evento: 
Venerdì, 1 Febbraio, 2019 - 11:00
Aula A5, via Ariosto 25, Roma
Andrea Marrella

Andrea Marrella, vincitore di procedura valutativa di chiamata per un posto RTDB per il SSD ING-INF/05, terrà presso questo dipartimento un seminario su attività di ricerca svolte e in corso di svolgimento. Il seminario avrà luogo venerdì 1 febbraio 2019 alle 11:00 in Aula A5, DIAG, via Ariosto 25.

Abstract: Business Process Management (BPM) is a central element of today organizations. Despite over the years its main focus has been the support of well-structured Business Processes (BPs) in highly controlled domains, nowadays many domains of interest to the BPM community are characterized by ever-changing requirements, unpredictable environments and increasing amounts of data that influence the execution of process instances. Under such dynamic conditions, BPM systems must increase their level of automation to provide the reactivity and flexibility necessary for process management. In this direction, the Process Intelligence field has concentrated its efforts on investigating how to properly apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to strengthen designing, monitoring and diagnosis features of BPs. In this talk, I discuss how automated planning techniques in AI can be leveraged to enable new levels of intelligence, automation and support for BPs, and I show some concrete examples of their successful application to the different stages of the BP life cycle. Finally, I discuss how the proposed techniques can be leveraged to tackle relevant challenges in the Human-Computer Interaction field.

Short Bio: Andrea Marrella has recently finished his appointment as a Research Fellow at Sapienza Università di Roma, and in 2018 he got a national habilitation to associate professorship. His overall research activity has been carried out in Rome (Italy), Tartu (Estonia), and Toronto (Canada), and has concerned theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects in different areas of Computer Science, including Business Process Management, Modelling, Adaptation, Mining and Resilience, Cyber-Security and Human-Computer Interaction. Such topics are challenged in the application domains of smart manufacturing, healthcare, emergency management, cultural heritage, and cybersecurity. He authored over 60 scientific papers on the above topics, appeared in the proceedings of top-level international conferences and journals, and is regularly invited as a PC member to the top-level conferences in his areas of interest. In 2017, he received the best paper award at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2017), and he was invited to give the keynote talk at the 1st International Workshop on BP Innovation with AI (BPAI’17). He is acting as Information Director of ACM Journal on Data and Information Quality.