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I received my Diploma degree in 2006 from the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering in NTUA, working on my thesis in the Laboratory of Photogrammetry. I received my BSc degree in Electronics Engineering in 2010 and my MSE degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in 2012 from Sapienza University of Rome, working on my MSE thesis in ALCOR Lab. In 2016 I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rome "La Sapienza", working on Inverse Problem Theory and Computer Vision. As of 2017 I am an Assistant Professor (RTDA) at Sapienza University of Rome, DIAG.

- Ph.D., Engineering in Computer Science, 2016 (cum laude), Sapienza University of Rome.
- M. Sc. Eng., Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, 2012 (110/110 cum laude), Sapienza University of Rome.
- B.Eng., Electronic Engineering, 2009 (110/110 cum laude), Sapienza University of Rome.
- M. Eng. Diploma, Rural and Surveying Engineering, 2006 (9,17/10 summa cum laude), National Technical University of Athens.

Riconoscimenti e premi: 

(2015) DCPRAM 2015 Best Ph.D. student award for the work: F. Natola, V. Ntouskos and F. Pirri, "Collaborative Activities Understanding from 3D Data"

(2012-2015)Scholarship for the Ph.D. course in Engineering in Computer Science offered by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (highest ranked applicant).

(2011) Recipient of the award offered by Accenture for one student enrolled at the 2nd year of the M. Sc. Eng. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of Sapienza University of Rome.

(2006) "Dimitrios N. Lampadarios" award for the best performance in the courses of Geodesy in the technical universities of Greece, awarded by the Academy of Athens

(2006) "Thomaidion" award for the best Diploma Thesis at the National Technical University of Athens for the academic year 2005-2006.

(2006) "Chrisovergion" award for the Diploma Degree with the highest grade in Rural and Survey Engineering for the academic year 2005-2006.

Area di ricerca: 
Grafica, visione e percezione
Interessi di ricerca: 

- Computer Vision- Inverse Problems- Applied Machine Learning- Convex Optimization- 3D Reconstruction and Modeling- Action Recognition- Robotics- Computational Attention


Discovery and recognition of motion primitives in human activities (2019)
Sanzari, Marta; Ntouskos, Valsamis; Pirri, Fiora
Deep execution monitor for robot assistive tasks (2018)
Mauro, Lorenzo; Alati, Edoardo; Marta, Sanzari1; Ntouskos, Valsamis; Gluca, Massimiani; Fiora, Pirri
Computer Vision – ECCV 2018 Workshops Munich, Germany, September 8-14, 2018, Proceedings, Part VI - 978-3-030-11023-9...
11134: pagg. 158-175
Human motion primitive discovery and recognition (2017)
Sanzari, Marta; Ntouskos, Valsamis; Grazioso, Simone; Puja, Francesco; Fiora, Pirri
Vision-based deep execution monitoring (2017)
Puja, Francesco; Grazioso, Simone; Tammaro, Antonio; Ntouskos, Valsamis; Sanzari, Marta; Fiora, Pirri

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