A student honors program is being activated for a limited number of highly qualified students that are registered to this master course. Upon selection, students in this program will be assigned to a tutor and will be involved in additional scientific and educational activities, beyond those being part of the regular course of study.

The students admitted to the Students Honor program will be assigned a tutor and will carry out the following activities, for a minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of 200 hours, based on a program defined by the tutor which generally includes: (a) theoretical and methodological activities, such as participation to a doctoral course, to a course of the Sapienza High School of Advanced Studies (SSAS) or participation in a summer school; (b) project activities, such as research and development activities in the industrial sector through the participation in internships within research and development projects, academic research projects through the participation in project and laboratory activities. Erasmus students who carry out part of their curriculum at a foreign university and have access to the Students Honor program can carry out a part of it at the hosting foreign institution.

The call for applications is published each academic year, typically in the month of December. The submission deadline and the publication date of the results are specified in the call.

In a given academic year, applications are restricted to students who enrolled in the previous academic year to the first year of the Master of Science in Control Engineering for their first time, and that have earned by November 30 of the current academic year at least 42 credits in their first-year curriculum, reaching a weighted average grade on exams larger or equal than 27 (out of 30) (in the average, every grade is weighted by the number of credits of the exam). The maximum number of students admitted to the honors program is currently 7 (seven).

In order to complete successfully the honors program, students must have fulfilled the planned scientific and educational activities and have earned all the credits in their curriculum by the end of their second academic year, with a weighted average grade on exams larger or equal than 27 (out of 30).

Upon graduation, a student who has successfully completed the honors program will receive a certificate that mentions the extra activities performed. Participation to the honors program will be declared in the academic transcripts of the student. At that stage, Sapienza will assign an award equal to the amount of the registration fees paid for the last year of the course of study (in practice, the fees of the second year of study will be reimbursed).

  • New! Call for admission to the Student Honors program, academic year 2021-22 (published on December 9, 2020).
  • The list of winners for 2021-22 has been published in this document (in Italian) on April 12, 2022.