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2021, Springer Proceedings in Complexity, Pages 231-241

On Techniques to Detect Concept Maps Pedagogical Similarity (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Limongelli C., Sciarrone F., Temperini M.

In this paper we focus on the support a teacher can have, while defining and organizing the content of a course (s)he will teach, by means of the analysis of similarity of Concept Maps. The teacher, in such an endeavor, would prepare an initial version of her/his course Concept Map, and will then seek out other maps, where the same knowledge domain is concerned, in order to find confirmations or suggestions about her/his own map. It is also conceivable that other maps would help retrieve useful learning material, possibly usable to implement the teacher's map. In particular, we show the definition of two measures, allowing to quantify the pedagogical similarity of two maps. In the analysis, we show how our measures are able to focus on the criteria they are designed for, and how they can provide assessment focused on selected pedagogical aspects (rather than providing an overall, general assessment of similarity.
Gruppo di ricerca: Human-Computer Interaction
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