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Referente: Gianni di Pillo
ACTOR (Analytics, Control Technologies and Operations Research) is a R&D boutique company which supplies  services based on models, methods and algorithms of control, optimization, forecasting and simulation for the design and management of complex systems. ACTOR is born as the integration of an academic component (DIAG – Sapienza) and an industrial component (ACT Solutions Srl) with the aim of developing advanced applications of Operations Research. It addresses decision makers of firms and organizations with the aim of  proposing integrated software solutions able to attain an optimal usage of resources, greater effectiveness, reduction of costs and limitation of risks. A side activity is the proposal of tutorial modules  based on real data sets and case studies, as support for a training not only theoretical in firms and universities,  in both national and international settings. 




Referente: Andrea Vitaletti

WSENSE (www.wsense.it)  is a spin-off of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” providing cutting edge solutions for underwater and terrestrial monitoring through sensor networks. The multidisciplinary expertise of the people of WSENSE, ranging from hardware and transducers to software and protocols, leads to innovative and cost effective products covering all of the customer’s needs: from data acquisition and communication to data analysis and management.


OVER S.r.l.

Referente: Roberto Baldoni

Over S.r.l. is the first product-based spin-off from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Over’s main goal is to industrialize the scientific progress in the emergent industry of “smart spaces” through the design, development and commercialization of interoperable innovative products. Over system’s purpose is to create a hub through which users can control spaces, supervise and optimize energy consumptions, and access online and onsite assistance services. Products developed and commercialized by Over enable the “smartification” of private spaces (home automation), commercial buildings (smart offices) and the advanced monitoring and control of energy consumption in large datacenters.

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