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Assessment of community efforts to advance network-based prediction of protein-protein interactions on NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Discovering Polarization Niches via Dense Subgraphs with Attractors and Repulsers on PROCEEDINGS OF THE VLDB ENDOWMENT 2023
Algorithms for fair k-clustering with multiple protected attributes on OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS 2021
Skyline in Crowdsourcing with Imprecise Comparisons on CIKM '21: Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management 2021
Spectral Relaxations and Fair Densest Subgraphs on International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings 2020
Algorithms for fair team formation in online labour marketplaces on WWW '19: Companion Proceedings of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference 2019
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