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A paradigm shift in medicine: a comprehensive review of network-based approaches (01g Articolo di rassegna (Review))

Conte F., Fiscon G., Licursi V., Bizzarri D., D'Anto T., Farina L., Paci P.

Network medicine is a rapidly evolving new field of medical research, which combines principles and approaches of systems biology and network science, holding the promise to uncovering the causes and to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatments of human diseases. This new paradigm reflects the fact that human diseases are not caused by single molecular defects, but driven by complex interactions among a variety of molecular mediators. The complexity of these interactions embraces different types of information: from the cellular-molecular level of protein-protein interactions to correlational studies of gene expression and regulation, to metabolic and disease pathways up to drug-disease relationships. The analysis of these complex networks can reveal new disease genes and/or disease pathways and identify possible targets for new drug development, as well as new uses for existing drugs. In this review, we offer a comprehensive overview of network types and algorithms used in the framework of network medicine. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Transcriptional Profiles and Regulatory Gene Networks edited by Dr. Dr. Federico Manuel Giorgi and Dr. Shaun Mahony.

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