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2019, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, Pages 625-632 (volume: 4)

Unified Representation and Registration of Heterogeneous Sets of Geometric Primitives (01a Articolo in rivista)

Nardi Federico, Della Corte Bartolomeo, Grisetti Giorgio

Registering models is an essential building block of many robotic applications. In case of three-dimensional data, the models to be aligned usually consist of point clouds. In this letter, we propose a formalism to represent in a uniform manner scenes consisting of high-level geometric primitives, including lines and planes. Additionally, we derive both an iterative and a direct method to determine the transformation between heterogeneous scenes (solver). We analyzed the convergence behavior of this solver on synthetic data. Furthermore, we conducted comparative experiments on a full registration pipeline that operates on raw data, implemented on top of our solver. To this extent we used public benchmark datasets and we compared against state-of-the-art approaches. Finally, we provide an implementation of our solver together with scripts to ease the reproduction of the results presented in this letter.
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