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2022, BIOINFORMATICS, Pages 586-588 (volume: 38)

SWIMmeR: An R-based software to unveiling crucial nodes in complex biological networks (01a Articolo in rivista)

Paci P., Fiscon G.

We present SWIMmeR, an open-source version of its predecessor SWIM (SWitchMiner) that is a network-based tool for mining key (switch) genes that are associated with intriguing patterns of molecular coabundance and may play a crucial role in phenotypic transitions in various biological settings. SWIM was originally written in MATLABVR , a proprietary programming language that requires the purchase of a license to install, manipulate, operate and run the software. Over the last years, SWIM has sparked a widespread interest within the scientific community thanks to the promising results obtained through its application in a broad range of phenotype-specific scenarios, spanning from complex diseases to grapevine berry maturation. This success has created the call for it to be distributed in a freely accessible, open-source, runtime environment, such as R, aimed at a general audience of non-expert users that cannot afford the leading proprietary solution. SWIMmeR is provided as a comprehensive collection of R functions and it also includes several additional features that make it less intensive in terms of computer time and more efficient in terms of usability and further implementation and extension.
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