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SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT - Jorge Angeles, 21/6/2012, 2:30pm

Seminars in Robotics

Date and location: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 14:30, Aula Magna DIAG

Speaker: Jorge Angeles, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, CANADA

Title: Robot-aided Rapid Prototyping of Ice Structures

Abstract: Ice construction has fascinated people for thousands of years.  In the past few decades, computer numerical control (CNC) ice construction has become quite popular, with several companies offering the capability to build certain parts on demand. Additive manufacturing techniques such as rapid prototyping (RP) have been used very little, however, despite the advantages offered by RP, as many parts that can be constructed using this technology would be difficult or impossible to build otherwise. A novel ice rapid prototyping system, developed by retrofitting an Adept Cobra 600 industrial robot, is the subject of this presentation. With this system, any CAD part can be manufactured, with its size limited only by the workspace of the robot (e.g. a part of 400 x 300 x 210 mm will fit in the workspace). Material volume of up to two litres is deposited per day, including scaffolding, and the part accuracy is about 0.5 mm. The presentation will include a description of the Cobra 600 system, along with a discussion of the significant challenges encountered and the novel control technology and techniques developed.  

Bio: Jorge Angeles is Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at McGill University, James McGill Professor of ME, and founder, then Director in 1996-67 of the Centre for Intelligent Machines. Author or co-author of various books in kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems plus numerous technical papers in research journals and conference proceedings, he works on the theory and the numerics of mechanical systems at large, with focus on robotic systems, besides design theory and methodology. Angeles is collaborating with engineers at General Motors in the development of innovative clutching systems for hybrid vehicles. His design experience goes from machinery for the glass industry to mobile robots. Professor Angeles is Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers, one of the 12 Honorary Members of IFToMM, The International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science, Fellow of CSME, ASME and IEEE. he holds three international patents in the area of
mechanical systems.

Contact: Alessandro De Luca


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