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2023, TECHNOLOGIES, Pages - (volume: 11)

An Advanced Solution Based on Machine Learning for Remote EMDR Therapy (01a Articolo in rivista)

Fiani F., Russo S., Napoli C.

For this work, a preliminary study proposed virtual interfaces for remote psychotherapy and psychology practices. This study aimed to verify the efficacy of such approaches in obtaining results comparable to in-presence psychotherapy, when the therapist is physically present in the room. In particular, we implemented several joint machine-learning techniques for distance detection, camera calibration and eye tracking, assembled to create a full virtual environment for the execution of a psychological protocol for a self-induced mindfulness meditative state. Notably, such a protocol is also applicable for the desensitization phase of EMDR therapy. This preliminary study has proven that, compared to a simple control task, such as filling in a questionnaire, the application of the mindfulness protocol in a fully virtual setting greatly improves concentration and lowers stress for the subjects it has been tested on, therefore proving the efficacy of a remote approach when compared to an in-presence one. This opens up the possibility of deepening the study, to create a fully working interface which will be applicable in various on-field applications of psychotherapy where the presence of the therapist cannot be always guaranteed.
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