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2024, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Pages 183-210 (volume: 14583)

X-Lock: A Secure XOR-Based Fuzzy Extractor for Resource Constrained Devices (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Liberati Edoardo, Visintin Alessandro, Lazzeretti Riccardo, Conti Mauro, Uluagac Selcuk

The Internet of Things rapid growth poses privacy and security challenges for the traditional key storage methods. Physical Unclonable Functions offer a potential solution but require secure fuzzy extractors to ensure reliable replication. This paper introduces X-Lock, a novel and secure computational fuzzy extractor that addresses the limitations faced by traditional solutions in resource-constrained IoT devices. X-Lock offers a reusable and robust solution, effectively mitigating the impacts of bias and correlation through its design. Leveraging the preferred state of a noisy source, X-Lock encrypts a random string of bits that can be later used as seed to generate multiple secret keys. To prove our claims, we provide a comprehensive theoretical analysis, addressing security considerations, and implement the proposed model. To evaluate the effectiveness and superiority of our proposal, we also provide practical experiments and compare the results with existing approaches. The experimental findings demonstrate the efficacy of our algorithm, showing comparable memory cost (≈ 2.4 KB for storing 5 keys of 128 bits) while being 3 orders of magnitude faster with respect to the state-of-the-art solution (0.086 ms against 15.51 s).
ISBN: 978-3-031-54769-0; 978-3-031-54770-6
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