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2023, ELECTRONICS, Pages - (volume: 12)

A Model Predictive Control Algorithm for the Reconfiguration of Radially Operated Grids with Islands (01a Articolo in rivista)

Donsante Manuel, Tortorelli Andrea, Di Giorgio Alessandro, Liberati Francesco

Abstract This paper proposes a reconfiguration algorithm for electricity grids, based on Model Predictive Control (MPC). Reconfiguration is dynamically performed to reduce losses, and in reaction to adverse events, such as faults or attacks. Most of the previous works in the literature (including a previous paper from the authors) focus on the reconfiguration of grids while ensuring they are always radially operated and connected (i.e., islands are not allowed to form). At present, including the possibility of performing a dynamic islanding of the network (i.e., where portions of the grid dynamically detach and reconnect to the main grid) is seen as a way to improve the flexibility and resiliency of the grid, especially in the present context, with the increased penetration of digital technologies and renewables. Therefore, by extending the previous work, the algorithm proposed in the present paper also allows for the formation of islands, while still constraining them to radial islands, in line with the operational practice adopted by most electric companies. The mathematical formulation of the grid reconfiguration problem is discussed, and simulation results are presented, showing the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in dynamically managing the grid reconfiguration.
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