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Human-technology integration with industrial conversational agents: A conceptual architecture and a taxonomy for manufacturing (01a Articolo in rivista)

Colabianchi S., Tedeschi A., Costantino F.

Conversational agents are systems with great potential to enhance human-computer interaction in industrial settings. Although the number of applications of conversational agents in many fields is growing, there is no shared view of the elements to design and implement for chatbots in the industrial field. The paper presents the combination of many research contributions into an integrated conceptual architecture, for developing industrial conversational agents using Nickerson's methodology. The conceptual architecture consists of five core modules; every module consists of specific elements and approaches. Furthermore, the paper defines a taxonomy from the study of empirical applications of manufacturing conversational agents. Indeed, some applications of chatbots in manufacturing are available but those have never been collected in single research. The paper fills this gap by analyzing the empirical cases and presenting a qualitative analysis, with verification of the proposed taxonomy. The contribution of the article is mainly to illustrate the elements needed for the development of a conversational agent in manufacturing: researchers and practitioners can use the proposed conceptual architecture and taxonomy to more easily investigate, define, and develop all the elements for chatbot implementation.
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