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2017, 2017 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST), Pages 1-6

Ensuring information security by using Haskell's advanced type system (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Di Pirro Matteo, Conti Mauro, Lazzeretti Riccardo

Protecting data confidentiality and integrity has become increasingly important in modern software. Sometimes, access control mechanisms come short and solutions on the application-level are needed. An approach can rely on enforcing information security using some features provided by certain programming languages. Several different solutions addressing this problem have been presented in literature, and entire new languages or libraries have been built from scratch. Some of them use type systems to let the compiler check for vulnerable code. In this way we are able to rule out those implementations which do not meet a certain security requirement. In this paper we use Haskell's type system to enforce three key properties of information security: non-interference and flexible declassification policies, strict input validation, and secure computations on untainted and trusted values. We present a functional lightweight library for applications with data integrity and confidentiality issues. Our contribute relies on a compile time enforcing of the aforementioned properties. Our library is wholly generalized and might be adapted for satisfying almost every security requirement.
ISBN: 978-1-5386-1585-0
Gruppo di ricerca: Cybersecurity
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