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2017, BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Pages 1144-1161 (volume: 26)

What drives green product development and how do different antecedents affect market performance? A survey of Italian companies with eco-labels (01a Articolo in rivista)

Dangelico ROSA MARIA

Green products can play a key role in the achievement of sustainable development goals. Through a survey of 188 Italian companies with eco-labeled green products, this study aims at understanding the relative importance of several motivations to develop green products, the influence of different motivations and firm characteristics on green product features (radicalness and differentiation), and which factors affect market performance of green products. This study reports a ranking of 49 motivations, highlighting that the most relevant are related to the prospect of market benefits. Results also show that product radicalness and differentiation have partially different antecedents in terms of motivations, while being a family firm positively influences only product differentiation. With regards to factors affecting market performance of green products, prospect of market benefits, availability of new technologies, firm foreign ownership, product radicalness and differentiation show a positive influence, while firm age displays a negative effect.
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