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2020, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, Pages 118632- (volume: 244)

Incentives to water conservation under scarcity: Comparing price and reward effects through stated preferences (01a Articolo in rivista)

Garrone P., Grilli L., Marzano R.

Focusing on two different European institutional contexts, a stated preference approach is adopted to elicit the willingness to save water under three alternative incentive policies: a water price increase, monetary reward, and symbolic prize. In addition, two water scarcity scenarios, a ‘critical’ and a ‘regular’ scenario, are devised to analyze how information on water scarcity moderates the effect of incentives. Empirical results show that users become sensitive to monetary incentives (while they remain insensitive to non-monetary ones) when water is scarce. Batteries of pre-tests on the sample and robustness checks on the results strengthen the reliability of our findings and partially circumvent concerns related to the use of a stated preference approach. The study adds to the literature on the efficacy of economic incentives in the water sector and the role of local factors in explaining water users’ response.
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