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2018, 25th International EurOMA Conference Proceedings, Pages -

Project Management’s University Educational Offering: a comparative analysis between Italy, United Kingdom and United States (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Nonino Fabio, Palombi Giulia

Project Management (PM) discipline and PM methodologies are extremely valuable for private and public organizations. As it is well known, for decades the main professional organizations linked to the PM, in particular the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA), have identified and formalized principles, guidelines and best practices useful for the correct management of projects and programs, to certify project manager’s proficiency. The research investigates the university educational offering concerning PM discipline in Italy, United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) in order to report different types of courses and topics lectured and perform a comparative analysis. The objective is to analyze in detail the presence/absence of fundamental topics unveiling the different type of PM courses in different countries, highlighting peculiarities of contents and underlining the impact not only at professional training level, but also at the academic level. Results of the research can be useful for suggesting improvement paths in the three countries.
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