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2022, Joint Proceedings of RCIS 2022 Workshops and Research Projects Track co-located with the 16th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2022), Pages 1-7 (volume: 3144)

Electrospindle 4.0: Towards Zero Defect Manufacturing of Spindles (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Amadori Francesco, Bardani Michele, Bernasconi Eleonora, Cappelletti Federica, Catarci Tiziana, Drudi Gianluca, Ferretti Mario, Foschini Luigi, Galli Paolo, Germani Michele, Grosso Giuseppe, Leotta Francesco, Mathew Jerin George, Manuguerra Luca, Mariucci Nicola, Mecella Massimo, Monti Flavia, Pierini Fabrizio, Rossi Marta

Industry 4.0 represents the last evolution of manufacturing. With respect to Industry 3.0, which introduced the digital interconnection of machinery with monitoring and control systems, the fourth industrial revolution extends this concept to sensors, products and any kind of object or actor (thing) involved in the process. The tremendous amount of data produced is intended to be analyzed by applying methods from artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining. One of the objectives of such analysis is Zero Defect Manufacturing, i.e., a manufacturing process where acquired data during the entire life cycle of products are used to continuously improve the product design in order to provide customers with unprecedented quality guarantees. In this paper, we discuss the goals of the Electrospindle 4.0 project, which aims at applying Zero Defect Manufacturing principles to the production of spindles.
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