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2021, AUTOMATICA, Pages -

A stability with optimality analysis of consensus-based distributed filters for discrete-time linear systems (01a Articolo in rivista)

Battilotti S., Cacace F., d’Angelo M.

In this paper we investigate how stability and optimality of consensus-based distributed filters depend on the number of consensus steps in a discrete-time setting for both directed and undirected graphs. By introducing two new algorithms, a simpler one based on dynamic averaging of the estimates and a more complex version where local error covariance matrices are exchanged as well, we are able to derive a complete theoretical analysis. In particular we show that dynamic averaging alone suffices to approximate the optimal centralized estimate if the number of consensus steps is large enough and that the number of consensus steps needed for stability can be computed in a distributed way. These results shed light on the advantages as well as the fundamental limitations shared by all the existing proposals for this class of algorithms in the basic case of linear time-invariant systems, that are relevant for the analysis of more complex situations.
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