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2018, ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, Pages 166-180 (volume: 53)

On-stack replacement, distilled (04c Atto di convegno in rivista)

D'Elia Daniele Cono, Demetrescu Camil

On-stack replacement (OSR) is essential technology for adaptive optimization, allowing changes to code actively executing in a managed runtime. The engineering aspects of OSR are well-known among VM architects, with several implementations available to date. However, OSR is yet to be explored as a general means to transfer execution between related program versions, which can pave the road to unprecedented applications that stretch beyond VMs. We aim at filling this gap with a constructive and provably correct OSR framework, allowing a class of general-purpose transformation functions to yield a special-purpose replacement. We describe and evaluate an implementation of our technique in LLVM. As a novel application of OSR, we present a feasibility study on debugging of optimized code, showing how our techniques can be used to fix variables holding incorrect values at breakpoints due to optimizations.
ISBN: 9781450356985
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