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2022, CEUR workshop proceedings, Pages 52-58 (volume: 3398)

A Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition System for Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Ponzi V., Iacobelli E., Napoli C., Starczewski J.

The proposed hand gesture recognition (HGR) system is designed to enhance human-computer interaction (HCI) and human-robot interaction (HRI), which are crucial areas of research aimed at improving the way humans interact with computer or robot systems. With the growing need for intelligent computers and robots in a range of applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, and education, both HCI and HRI have gained significant importance. In this context, the HGR system plays a vital role by enabling natural and intuitive communication between humans and technology through hand gestures. The presented system uses a single camera and efficient image processing techniques that enable real-time gesture detection. Unlike other methods, our approach employs a basic video camera, which is widely available on most computers, eliminating the need for expensive and specialized hardware.
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