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A decomposition approach for multidimensional knapsacks with family-split penalties on INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN OPERATIONAL RESEARCH 2022
Evaluation of the quantiles and superquantiles of the makespan in interval valued activity networks on COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH 2022
Evaluation of VaR and CVaR for the makespan in interval valued blocking job shops on INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 2022
Expected Shortfall for the Makespan in Activity Networks with Fuzzy Durations on IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS 2021
Risk of delay evaluation in real-time train scheduling with uncertain dwell times on TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART E-LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION REVIEW 2021
The Multiple Multidimensional Knapsack with Family-Split Penalties on EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH 2021
Editorial: Simulation optimization in manufacturing and services on FLEXIBLE SERVICES AND MANUFACTURING JOURNAL 2020
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