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FAR. Fontes ad res. Corpus delle fonti giuridiche, letterarie ed epigrafiche per la storia della proprietà in Roma antica on in stampa
Psychological vulnerability of unaccompanied refugee minors: a controlled cohort study using Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire on MIGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT 2020
Recommending tasks in online judges on Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning, 9th International Conference 2020
UAV-based hyperspectral imaging for weed discrimination in maize on Precision Agriculture 2019 - Papers Presented at the 12th European Conference on Precision Agriculture, ECPA 2019 2019
Visual analysis of vertex-disjoint path connectivity in networks on Information Visualisation. Biomedical visualization, visualisation on built and rural enviroments & geometric modelling and imaging, IV 2018 2018
Weighted-distance sliding windows and cooccurrence graphs for supporting entity-relationship discovery in unstructured text on INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION, CONTROL & COMPUTER SCIENCES 2018
Fondamenti di basi di dati. Teoria, metodo ed esercizi on 2017
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