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2020, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, Pages 938-945 (volume: 5)

Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning for Flexible Joint Robots (01a Articolo in rivista)

Palleschi Alessandro, Mengacci Riccardo, Angelini Franco, Caporale Danilo, Pallottino Lucia, De Luca Alessandro, Garabini Manolo

In this paper, a new approach is proposed to optimally plan the motion along a parametrized path for flexible joint robots, i.e., robots whose structure is purposefully provided with compliant elements. State-of-the-art methods efficiently solve the problem in case of torque-controlled rigid robots via a translation of the optimal control problem into a convex optimization problem. Recently, we showed that, for jerk-controlled rigid robots, the problem could be recast into a non-convex optimization problem. The non-convexity is given by bilinear constraints that can be efficiently handled through McCormick relaxations and spatial Branch-and-Bound techniques. In this paper, we show that, even in case of robots with flexible joints, the time-optimal trajectory planning problem can be recast into a non-convex problem in which the non-convexity is still given by bilinear constraints. We performed experimental tests on a planar 2R elastic manipulator to validate the benefits of the proposed approach. The scalability of the method for robots with multiple degrees of freedom is also discussed.
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