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Distributed Systems

The Distributed Systems group has developed, in the last ten years, a solid worldwide reputation in the context of theory and practice of distributed, pervasive and p2p com- puting, middleware platforms, data processing, and information systems infrastructures. On these topics, the group has created strong relationships with the most influential re- search groups in the world.

In the last ten years the group has developed several theories and practical experiences in several topics including checkpointing, causal and total or- dering theory, distributed replication systems, interceptors, group toolkits, and publish subscribe systems.

The distributed systems group has participated and successfully coordinated several important EU projects in the context of e-government, security and dependability of large scale systems, and protection of the financial infrastructure. It has developed remarkable connections with the major Italian ICT industries and Public Administrations for creating innovative solutions and prototypes transferring the latest results from research area into practice. Our activities are centered around the MidLab laboratory and the Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS).

MidLab is focussed on research; its primary goal is to support leading-edge research and development on middleware bridging the gap between the latest research results and the current technologies. In particular main MIDLAB targets are the study, the design and analysis of novel middleware platforms able to increase the robustness of information exchanging with respect to reliability, consistency, predictability and security. In the last few years MidLab members have also started to pursue new research trends in the area of high-performance stream processing systems and graph-based computations.

The Distributed Systems group is also strongly involved in the activities of the Re- search Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS). CIS does leadership research in the context of cyber security, information assurance, critical information infrastructure protection, trend prediction, malware analysis, open-source intelligence, cyber physical systems and smart complex systems. Advanced capabilities in cyber intelligence will be indeed essential in the next years due to the pervasiveness of cloud, social computing and mobility technologies, that lower the control that organizations and governments have over systems, infrastructure and data. CIS aims at designing better information security methodologies, threat profiles and at elaborating defense strategies taking into account the economic and legal impact in a unique framework. Research results are applied to real world contexts such as cyberwarfare, fraud detection, stock market stability, detection of tax evasion, monitoring of mission-critical systems, early warning systems and smart environments.


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