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2020, SYSTEMS & CONTROL LETTERS, Pages 104779- (volume: 145)

An upper bound on the dimension of minimal positive realizations for discrete time systems (01a Articolo in rivista)

Benvenuti Luca

In some applications one is interested in having a state–space realization with nonnegative matrices (positive realization) of a given transfer function and it is known that such a realization may have a dimension strictly larger than the order of the transfer function itself. Moreover, in most cases, it is desirable to have a realization with minimal dimension. Unfortunately, it is not known, to date, how to determine in general the minimum dimension of a positive realization and only lower and upper bounds to it are available. This letter provides an upper bound on the dimension of a minimal positive realization for transfer functions with simple poles. This is a considerable improvement on an earlier upper bound in which only transfer functions with real poles were considered.
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